Spyware Removal 301 (This is no intro class…)

Section 3: Tidying Up

It should be safe to boot into normal mode now. If you couldn’t login to a profile in safe mode, login now and run the scans. It isn’t ideal — you could reinfect the whole PC — but it’s better to find out if a problem remains now than leave it to spring up a few days later when fluffy signs on to check www.catnipdealersonline.com.

It may be a good time to remove the profiles that aren’t really necessary.

Other things to consider:

Start > Run: sfc /scannow – Will check to make sure all of the core Windows files are correct, and replace them if needed

Make sure you have SP2 applied, and run Windows Updates.

You may want to install SpywareBlaster and SpywareGuard from Javacool Software.

You may also want to replace IE/OE with Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird.

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