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I was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 2002 I relocated to Southern Indiana, and have lived in Paoli and now in Orleans.

My wife and I (And often our Son) enjoy going to movies, and we all enjoy watching them in our collection of DVD/Blu-Ray movies and Netflix. My DVD collection includes films such as Monty Python and the Holy Grail and The Matrix, as well as Josie and the Pussycats (Trust me, it’s a good flick.) Fight Club, The Italian Job, and The Goonies.

My interest in TV Shows is varied, but there are less things on now that I watch than I used to. I like many TV shows: old, new, and off the air including Psych, Buffy, Smallville, Lost, Stargate SG-1, Dead Like Me, Strange Luck, Quantum Leap, Animaniacs, Friends, Alias, Futurama, Firefly, Early Edition, Newsradio, Simpsons, Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, Angel, Eli Stone, Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, Castle, Alphas, and Bones to name a few.

Currently fueling my TV addiction is my TiVo. I wonder how I ever lived before TiVo. It’s especially nice for parents, because not only can you watch your shows whenever you want (Read: after the kid’s bedtime) but you can pause live TV to take care of anything that might come up. (i.e. spit-up, diaper changes, feeding, etc, yeah, we’re great parents)

When it comes to music, I like Rock and alternative, and just about anything else from Classical to Pop, but I don’t care for most country, and I really dislike most rap (that includes Rap/Rock and the like.) I don’t have any clear favorite songs, though lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Hooverphonic, Garbage, Evanescence, The Cardigans, Shivaree, and They Might Be Giants. I’ve also been listening to some folk-type music, trip-hop, techno, as well as some slower stuff.

Also in 2002, I graduated college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems from IPFW in Fort Wayne. IPFW stands for Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne, though I’ve seen many colorful variations of that (“I Paid For WHAT?!” being my favorite.) Since I graduated, I’m no longer working at IPFW in the Information Technology Services Department at the Help Desk, though that was fun while it lasted.

I currently work for BSD Perimeter, which is the company behind the Open Source firewall pfSense. Mostly I do commercial support there, solving issues and helping with implementation, design, and so on. I also do documentation for the project, on the wiki and book and so forth.

I still help out at HPC Internet Services, an Internet Service Provider that is completely locally owned and operated in Bedford. We do dial-up, DSL, T1’s, domain hosting, you name it. I perform network and UNIX administration duities, build and maintain servers, add and remove users, and implement projects like the spam filter system, and fix things when they break. Thankfully that ends up being pretty rarely.

Computers started out as a hobby and turned into a career. I’ve been working on PCs for over 17 years, and working on them professionally in one capacity or another for about 15 years. I tend to be a jack-of-all-trades. I know a fair amount about a wide variety of subjects, but I have no clear specialty — I’d love to specialize, but I’ve never been in a position where I can!


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  1. We finally found your website. It was a long exhausting search but, we did it.Miss ya.Better get a replay!!!!!!!!!

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