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What’s the point of a website without content? I keep trying to come up with things to put here that have actual meaning or value for an audience, instead of whatever I feel like posting. I may, from time to time, feel the need to rant openly about something that annoys me.

This site would have more things posted if I didn’t stop so often to ask myself “Who the hell cares what I think about that?” and “Why on earth would I want to post that? Seriously, who would even read it?”

I am on Facebook and some other sites, but I still prefer to have this site that I can call my own, that can’t mysteriously disappear if some company decides that their business plan is no longer a plan or a business.

This site has existed in some incarnation for over 10 years on this domain, and several years before that in other places. In that time it’s evolved from a simple page of links and random things into what you see here today. As you can tell, not a whole lot has changed.

Until now, this site was hand-coded using a plain old text editor. I would update it very rarely and then forget about it. I installed a new system that lets me just type away and post, so I can care more about content and less about coding. Hopefully this will lead to me updating a lot more often… But in reality I still end up ignoring it all too often.

2 thoughts on “About This Site

  1. Hi, I was just searching on the google about my surname “Pingle” and I found your site, it’s cool.
    I also saw your resume, you seem to be computer geek.
    Its nice to share surname with you

  2. Hey man, I say post away…I enjoy writing about various things, and have steered my personal site in that direction…I’ve been amazed at who rolls in on certain things, so at least a few read it if it’s even remotely relevant.

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