Jun 12

Windows Temporary File Cleaner

A while back, as an exercise to help learn python, I wrote a script that removes temporary files in Windows (9x/me/2k/XP/etc) – It’s far from perfect, but it sure saves a lot of time compared to cleaning things out manually. If you’re feeling daring, give it a try: download tempcleaner. I’ll post the source once I get it cleaned up a little better, and put a blurb about it in the projects section.

I made a reference to it in the previous post I made about spyware removal.

Jun 11

Spyware Removal 301 (This is no intro class…)

So you’ve found yourself fighting a machine loaded to the gills with crap. Lucky you. Hopefully this helps make the job a little easier. I deal with spyware on pretty much a daily basis. I hate it. The only ones who like it are the ones making money off of it, and I don’t mean the poor techs stuck cleaning up the mess.

This article is geared more toward Windows XP/2k, though it can apply to earlier releases. Some of this may be useful to the home user, but it may be more helpful to those who have to work on many machines (for work, for family, for the neighborhood). I’m open to comments, I’d love it if someone would suggest better methods to accomplish any of the tasks I describe. I’d also appreciate hearing about other utilities that are used.

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