Jun 05

More tinkering…

I fixed the lingering issues with IE, I hope. Note to self: IE does not like to overlap floating elements when you have, say, a table or hr with the width=100%. Oh, and using “position: relative” on the floating element helps keep it from getting chopped off.

Coming soon: more pictures, more posts.

Jun 05


This page looks really good in Firefox, and seems to have a few issues with IE. I’m still trying to sort out some CSS overlap/clear/etc issues. IE’s sucky CSS support is to blame I’m sure, so it’s just a matter of figuring out how to break the perfectly valid code to make it show up properly in IE.

In the meantime, if some options appear to be missing on the right, navigate to one of the other pages where it shows up just fine.

Or you could just download Firefox :).