Six Feet Under Finale

So last night was the final episode of Six Feet Under ever, and I must say it was ended quite well. I prefer it when a series has a planned ending. The creators knew there would be 5 seasons and planned it as such. No cliffhangers that could forever go unresolved, only a fitting conclusion. While I may miss the show, at least it was not cancelled before its time (nor did it cheat death and overstay its welcome!) I guess it’s rather appropriate for a show so centered on death to know how to make a graceful exit. The ending sequence was especially well done.

I hear Smallville is also only planned to be 5 seasons, making this the last one. I’ll miss that show too, but it’s somewhat more comforting to know in advance that it will be ending. If only Dead Like Me (or Wonderfalls, or Carnivale, or Eyes, or Firefly, or…) had been allowed to run its course, but that’s a rant for another time.

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