James J Pingle
266 E Vincennes St, Orleans, Indiana 47452
Phone: (812) 865-4179 E-Mail: (removed due to spamming) Web: http://www.pingle.org/

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To obtain a position that will allow me to use my detailed technological knowledge and interpersonal skills to maintain systems, implement projects, resolve problems, and help others use computers.
Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, IN
          B.S. Information Systems, Dean's List - GPA: 3.72/4 (3.8 core) June 2002
  A.S. Information Systems - GPA: 3.59/4 (4.0 core) May 2000
  HPC Internet (hpcisp.com) - Bedford, Indiana March 2003-Present
  System Administrator
  Build and maintain multiple servers using FreeBSD (Mainly), Linux, and Windows 2000.
  Implement special projects, including Spam Filtering.
  Development of web applications and server scripting.
  Maintain mail queues, DNS records, backups, add and remove users.
  Use of the following server applications and services: Qmail, Postfix, Bind, Apache, Radius (Radiator), MySQL, MRTG, SpamAssassin, TWiki, IPFilter, IPFW, and Billmax accounting, and shell scripting.
  Configure Cisco Routers including the following models: AS5300, 2610, 2610 w/4-port ATM module, 1721, 1605r. Add routes, PVCs, subnets, VPN configuration, toubleshoot connection/link problems.
  Setup and maintain other network equipment, including: SonicWall Pro 200, Cisco switches, Efficient SDSL CPE units, Siemens/Netopia T1 CPE units, configure VPNs.
  Hoosier PC Wholesale - Bedford, Indiana January 2003-Present
  Bench Technician
  Troubleshoot software, hardware, and network, problems on bench and on-site.
  New system burn-in and installation, system upgrades, network installations.
  Occasional repair of printers (Laser and Inkjet.)
  Install SDSL and IDSL equipment and configure routers (Efficient 58xx models.)
Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne June 1997-August 2002
Help Desk Consultant
Provided phone, e-mail, and walk-in support for software, hardware, and network problems.
Wrote technical documentation and procedures for coworkers and users.
Provided software training to users.
Occasional light copier maintenance (Cleaning, clearing jams, troubleshooting.)
Use of Novell Netware, versions 3.12 and 5. User administration, account management, recovery of files, session lockout, login scripts.
Wrote several small timesaving programs and scripts.
Desktop Support June 1998-August 1998
Assisted university technicians with work orders involving hardware and software problems.
Assisted with network drop activation (punch down) and making patch cables.
Assisted with computer lab setup (20-40 PCs) on several occasions.
NewEdge Networks http://www.newedge.net
  DSL/T1 Installation (AIC Certification) Sept 2003
Brainbench (Transcript ID #4062328) http://www.brainbench.com
  Master-level Unix Administration (General) Oct 2002
  SQL (ANSI) Oct 2002
  Perl Sept 2002
  Computer Technical Support Sept 2002
Help Desk Institute http://www.thinkhdi.com
  Certified Help Desk Analyst July 1999
Computer Skills
Operating Environments
UNIX (FreeBSD), Windows XP/2000/9x, and MacOS 8.1+, Novell Netware 3.12, 5.x
Programming and Scripting Languages
PHP, Python, Perl, C++, Java, and Visual Basic
Oracle 8i, and PostgreSQL 7.2.1 with interaction from PHP, Perl, and JSP to databases. (PostgreSQL preferred.)
Server Applications
Apache, PostgreSQL, IP Filter, ISC DHCP, Jakarta-Tomcat, OpenSSH, QMail, Samba.
User Applications
  Microsoft Office 2000/XP (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access), WordPerfect 10 and earlier, Novell GroupWise 5/6, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat Reader/Creator, Macromedia Dreamweaver.

[ Objective | Education | Certifications | Employment | Skills ]
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