pfSense: The Definitive Guide

I haven’t been posting much lately, as per usual, and also as per usual I keep thinking I’ll get around to posting more. Well, this little tidbit does deserve a new post:

These past few months I’ve been working with the great folks behind pfSense, an awesome FreeBSD-based firewall system that has really impressed me at every turn. We’ve been using it quite a bit at work over the past year, so I’ve been contributing back in the form of documentation, code, testing, and other help wherever I can.

Along the way I started working with one of the project’s co-founders, Chris Buechler, on a book for the project.  It’s now available from several retailers, and more will be coming soon.

So if you are interested in pfSense, FreeBSD, firewalls, or other related concepts, you’re bound to find something useful in our book:

pfSense: The Definitive Guide to the pfSense Open Source Firewall and Router Distribution
by Christopher M. Buechler and Jim Pingle

It’s being published by Reed Media Services, and is now available Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

9 thoughts on “pfSense: The Definitive Guide

  1. Awesome book! Congratulations!

    Will it cover the 2.0 pfSense version?

    Hope to buy it very soon :)

  2. Thanks!

    It will cover 1.2.3/1.2.x, with some information about 2.0. 2.0 is still in alpha stages and not a usable release, so that would not be very helpful yet for most people :)

    If all goes well it should be out sometime this month.

  3. It will be available for preorder soon, we’re just waiting on some more of the whole “process” to finish: polishing up content, fixing suggestions from proofreaders/reviewers, and so on. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer now.

    I’ll post an update when it’s available for preorder to let everyone know.

  4. Evening Jim,

    Is it possible to provide a release date for the book? Really looking forward in purchasing the book.


  5. I don’t have a date for the release yet, as soon as I know, I will post it along with a link for preorder and such. Should be very soon now.

  6. Thank you for the update & looking forward to the release & purchase of the book.

  7. “pfSense, the Definitive Guide” moved from the “upcoming” listing to the “available books” listing at Reed Media’s website today. That’s got to be a hopeful sign.

  8. Yes, it is. The book was sent to press a week or two ago, and the proof has been approved. It should be on Amazon and Barnes and Noble sometime this week. I’ll put up a new entry when it’s spotted for sure.