Among my current lineup of cameras I have two older 35mm SLRs. One is a Canon EOS Rebel Ti with a 30-80mm Zoom lens, the other is a Canon AE-1, and the lens I normally use is the standard Canon FD 50mm 1:1.4 that came with it. I also have 135mm and 300mm lenses that come in handy for some situations. The flash that had for the AE-1 was a Vivitar Zoom Thyristor 285.

Here are some pages of pictures taken during a photography course I had in College.

These days, I have moved on to Digital and haven’t had much chance to work with film cameras in the last few years. The major reason is cost. Digital is practically free, where film had a small but significant expense with every shutter release. It’s much more fun to experiment and learn with a digital camera, especially one with full manual controls.

The main cameras I work with now are a Canon EOS Rebel SL2 and T1i, both DSLRs, and my Pixel phone camera which does surprisingly well for being a phone.