Photography Class

Here are a few of the photos I have taken for a photography class. All of them are taken with the AE-1. Some of these prints didn’t quite come out as desired, I know how to correct them but I don’t have access to a darkroom/print enlarger anymore. The scans are fairly true to the prints except for on a few of them I did some burning and dodging on the computer to correct for a light leak in the film canister. I recently bought a scanner with a negative scanning attachment so I have scanned in better copies of most of these pictures, but I have yet to upload them.

Photo Info
Thumbnail Description Size Date
Hands around a candle k 2-7-00
Hands (see above) k 2-7-00
Hands (see above) k 2-7-00
Creek (on campus) k 2-7-00
Sat. Dishes (On Helmke Lib) k 2-7-00
In front of Helmke Lib k 2-7-00
Pavillion k 2-7-00
A tree by the pavillion k 2-7-00
Summit building downtown k 2-7-00
Baptismal Font (Cathedral) k 2-7-00
Some candles at Cathedral k 2-7-00
Stained glass window at Cathedral k 2-7-00
Smokers outside Kettler Hall k 2-23-00
Computer Lab (KT 204A) k 2-23-00
Construction on 1st Floor in KT k 2-23-00
Co-worker Mandi at an e-mail Kiosk k 2-23-00
Co-worker Mandi through some blinds k 2-23-00
Co-worker Jeff B. in the Shop k 2-23-00
Sports Photos – 400 Speed film pushed to 1600
#12 – Kara Moore (1) k 2-23-00
#12 – Kara Moore (2) k 2-23-00
#12 – Kara Moore (3) k 2-23-00
#22 – Shanie Smith (1) k 2-23-00
#22 – Shanie Smith (2) k 2-23-00
Fighting for the ball k 2-23-00
Watching from the bench k 2-23-00
Gathered around the coach k 2-23-00
Waiting… k 2-23-00
Night photos
Car lights (Long Exposure) k 3-1-00
Reflection k 3-1-00
Night shot of Summit Building k 3-1-00
Misc stuff
Keyboard k 3-1-00
Light k 3-1-00
Styrofoam Peanuts k 3-1-00
Shelf k 3-1-00
Vent k 3-1-00

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