Sliders – Interdimensional

…A Sliders Font


I haven’t seen the show in quite some time, I made this while it cwas still on FOX and before they effectively killed the show.

Interdimensional FAQ

Welcome to Interdimensional v.1.0!

Q. WTF is Interdimensional?
A. Interdimensional is a font based on the lettering in the FOX show Sliders.

Q. Where can I get Interdimensional?
A. Well you can always get the most recent version from

Q. Is this a TrueType Font?
A. Yep.

Q. Can I get it for a Mac too?
A. Yes, try this. If you have trouble, In the meantime you can download a TrueType converter so the PC version will work on a Mac.

Q. Can I get it in Postscript (type 1 for PCs or 3 for PCs/UNIX) instead?
A. Yep (Type 1) and Yep (Type 3).

Q. How do I install this in Win95/98?
A. After you unzip the file, drag interdim.ttf to your c:\windows\fonts folder. Thats all..

Q. How do I install this on a Mac?
A. If you have problems, and are using a mac: hold down the mouse button on the link above, and choose the option to save the file to disk. Then open up StuffIt Expander, choose File > Expand… And select the file you just saved. (note: If it warns that the file might be damaged, choose YES to continue, it still works.) Then double click the “Interdim Folder” icon to find the Interdimensional Suitcase, and drag it to your system folder (or preferably to the Fonts folder inside your system folder.)

Q. Is this a complete font?
A. Yep, and if you look hard enough you’ll find a couple unexpected things ;)

Q. Is this shareware? Will it cost me anything?
A. Nope, its completely free, enjoy!

Q. Free? Why the hell did you do it then?
A. I wanted it for personal use and figured others would want it as well, and not have to pay for it.

Q. So how close is this to the actual font used on Sliders?
A. As close as I could possibly make it from what I had to go by.

Q. Do you work for FOX?
A. Nope, I’m in no way affiliated with FOX.

Q. Can I put the font up on my site/whatever?
A. Sure, I just ask you at least let me know that you are going to put it on your site, its not required but its nice to know where its going :)

Q. Did you do this alone?
A. The actually font making, yes, but I had several beta testers without whom the font would look really ugly and buggy. I’ll list them at the end in a credits section.

Q. How long did this take you to make
A. About 2 weeks to a month, actually.

Q. What did you use to make this?
A. I used Macromedia Fontographer.

Q. Can you send that to me?
A. No. It is commercial software and legally I can’t.

Q. Was it difficult?
A. Yes and no. Fonts are drawn using vectors, or lines and curves that are defined by a direction an a magnitude. This is why fonts can be so varied in size with little to no quality loss. (Older bitmap fonts get blocky at larger sizes). Using vectors isn’t difficult, but hard to get used to.

Q. Where can I find out more about making fonts?
A. The newsgroup alt.fonts was helpful, and its FAQ provides lots of good solid information.

Credits …

Facts/Credits: Newest Version: Interdimensional v1.02 (Freeware) 02/08/97

Last Changes: Updated/Changed Some minor font header information No change to actual characters.

Font Creator: Jim Pingle

Name Suggested by: Dan “Fission Chicken” Benjamin

Some Beta Testers: Dan “Fission Chicken” Benjamin, Kyle “Zwybyzgy” Crocker, Anyone else I’m forgetting to mention just scream at me, I’ll add ya in.

Send any suggestions, comments, donations, large sums of cash in unmarked bills, food, proposals, and/or babblings to ©1996 Jim Pingle